HOYOGO 2018 New Year Annual Festival

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HOYOGO 2018 New Year Annual Festival

Theme: Elites gathered together, flying miles, achieve you, achieve me, and achieve him / her


North Wind cannot stop the pace of spring, 2017 has waved goodbye to us.

Ice cannot seal the enthusiasm of youth, 2018 is rolling with the spring tide.


03.02.2018, before the start of the Annual Party, first of all, its our emcee Ms Yumi and Ms Linda delivered an opening address to the party: May every member of HOYOGO and their family who have been silently supported us as well as all the guest attended our party, have a lot of good fortune, happiness and success in the New Year


The member of HOYOGO family are really talented and whimsy, they prepared a variety of performances and shows for the annual party, of which the most popular is dance. The marketing girls showed an very happily and dynamic opening dance Panama; two professional dancers Ruby and A mei brought us an very sexy and graceful dance Chair Dance which won a lot of applause and cheers, especially from our gentlemen. A typical and current popular dance "Social Shaking" were performed by both girls and boys from the whole company, gave a lot of happiness; lastly, a Sign Dance “Thank you expressed the big thanks from us to our families, partners, clients, friends, people who helped us and even each individual of ourselves.


Dance is not enough to represent HOYOGO's enthusiasm and talent. Singing is also a unique art. It includes the song "I am a soldier", sang by Mr. Jack Cheng who was a soldier when he was young, expressed the Hot blood youth, Indomitable spirit, Noble virtue, tell us to be always with faith of perseverance and kindness. Another song "Tomorrow will be better" was performed by one boy and one girl from marketing dept.

Tomorrow is a new beginning; it will be with new hope. We will be optimistic and confident, always remember our goal during our long-term struggling way, and believe that HOYOGO will be definitely better tomorrow. 


Under such atmosphere, of course, the welfare cannot be missing to the staff from the company that is the lucky draw. The award was set up with outstanding employee awards, Grand prizes, First prize, Second prize, Lucky prize, Family award, and Guest award. Everyone has the chance to get one prize and each award-winner is the luckiest dog in 2018. For these outstanding employee winners, this reward is not only a material reward, but also a great honor for their dedicated working, excellent contribution to the company. The CEO Mr. Anandal Liu presented a certificate and bonuses for all of them, and wished all could create better life and climb to next level in 2018. The outstanding representative Ruby shared her thoughts with all, her speech expressed a kind of respect and gratitude to her direct boss Linda, as well as her thanks to HOYOGO this platform, in such a large family, everyone has  gained their own growth and achievement.

The show was going to finish, which represented the end of the annual party was coming. The next is the dinner time, another happy and cheerful moment. In Chinese table culture, how could it be lack of wine at the dinner table? As a younger generation we should cheer with our leader to show our thanks and respect. As colleague, we would cheer with each other to share our happiness and friendship. We shared the delicious food and cheer with local France wine, talked and laughed, at this moment; its all in the words


All good things come to an end, but surprise never stops. After dinner, the head of marketing Cici and Sales Director Linda prepared special meaningful physical prize, which is a really surprise for everyone. From the exciting and loudly applause and shouting, you can see everyone's desire for it. Lets send the sincere greetings to those who have won the gift. Those who didn’t gain the gift, please do not discourage, the god will bless you in other special way in the coming year.





The party was finally coming to an end, let's work hard with the passion and fight for the goal of 2018. Let's record this moment in the most unique way, and make this moment last forever.