The Release of "PCB Industry Specification Conditions"

Hits:-   Issuing time:2019-01-25

It is reported that the “PCB Industry Standard Conditions” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will be released on February 1, 2019. The release will be beneficial to the structural adjustment and layout optimization of PCB industry, and will play a positive role in improving the industrial development level and promoting the industrial sustainable development.

The “PCB Industry Standards and Conditions” are formulated in accordance with the principles of optimizing layout, adjusting structure, protecting environment, promoting innovation, and classifying guidance. For PCB companies and projects, quantitative standards are formed from several dimensions such as production capacity layout and project construction, production scale and process technology, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, safe production, and social responsibility.

Throughout the full text, although specific incentives and penalties have not been implemented, for PCB enterprises the multi-dimensional operation situation and internal system forms specific and quantitative guideline to the existing per capita output value, the scale and input-out ratio of new projects, key technical indicators and technical capabilities, quality management, energy conservation, environmental protection, and safe production ect.This will help improve the overall operating efficiency, establish a positive image, help curb  blind investment and management negligence, raise the industrial threshold, and increase the concentration. The technical indicators are not high, but the trend of encouraging research and development remains unchanged.

This document also sets clear requirements for intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and environmental protection. In the aspect of intelligent manufacturing, enterprises are encouraged to promote the networking and data collection of production equipment, actively construct information systems such as ERP, MES, SRM, and WMS, for promoting the digital construction of enterprises, actively carry out intelligent manufacturing, reduce operating costs, shorten product production cycle, and improve production efficiency. In terms of green manufacturing, enterprises are required to continuously carry out clean production audit assessments and acceptances, pass the certification assessment of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products, build green supply chains and establish resource-saving and environmentally friendly oriented procurement, production, marketing, recycling and logistics systems to promote compliance with industry standards and regulations among stakeholders in the supply chain, build green factories and produce green products.

Therefore, in the new situation, enterprises need to always follow the guidelines and  adhere to the correct concept, to ensure sustainable and healthy development.