The key point of FPC's popularity

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With the rapid growth of the electronic consumer market, the trend of thinner and smaller is becoming more and more obvious. Now the reliable FPC is a kind of product that is favored by major manufacturers and consumers, becoming an indispensable accessory for electronic devices. 

Gold finger FPC

FPC is made of flexible substrate such as high-quality polyester film, which not only has the characteristics of high wiring density and light weight, but also the advantages of flexibility. Even subjected to millions of dynamic bending, it will not be damaged. It can perform any movement and expansion according to the space layout requirements, also strengthen the assembly of three-dimensional space in limited space.

The assembly time of FPC is short. After all line configurations are completed, the redundant cable connection work can be omitted, with outstanding features of the connection consistency shown. According to the well-know FPC manufacturers: the FPC installation of the refined production is simple, and there is no electronic failure caused by the wrong connection when the connection line is installed, it also can achieve the integration effect between the FPC device and the wire connection.

The parameters of the capacitance and inductance, characteristic impedance control, attenuation, etc. of the FPC board are all controllable. This also makes it convenient for practical applications of various electronic devices. In addition, the cost-effective FPC board is simplified in structural design to be lighter and thinner than the rigid board, reducing product volume and final weight, reducing the use of related clips and fixtures. It has ensured the lower production cost of the FPC to a certain extent.

It can be seen that the high-end FPC not only has the characteristics of light weight and thin thickness, but also the certain advantages in flexibility. At the same time, it can also show the consistency of the FPC installation, and the short heat dissipation path of FPC makes it be with good heat dissipation performance. 

Long FPC

Therefore, it is undeniable that the characteristics of FPC board are also the key to its popularity.