This is a club to connect our excellent ex-colleague with us. HOYOGO will never forget all staff who joined us, and appreciated all your contribution to us. With this club, we are always caring you, hearing your, and sharing with you.

HOYOGO will invite you to join our annual traveling or activities every year!

HOYOGO will invite you to attend our Annual Party and set up special award with “Excellent Ex-staff Award” for you every year!

If you have ability to become self-employed, HOYOGO can give you suggestion and make investment to you.


We hope, You can realize your personal value and win a beautiful future wherever you are. We hope, You can be proud of that you were a HOYOGO staff during your life!


As part of HOYOGO, everyone's responsibility is very clear, there is no dispute between each other's interests, there is no clear di...


HOYOGO family

Not every company atmosphere is so active and harmonious, most companies have a clear relationship between superior and subordinate interest...



Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, 2019 has passed for half a year. We welcomed the days of the July employees’ birthday party.



HOYOGO organized tourism activities for all employees and their families on August 10, 2019. This trip was a two-day tour of Jiangmen City and Yangjiang City.