The company rudiment, started the supply chain with business in domestic market .


Shenzhen HoYoGo established, as partner of production Camelot (initial capital 38Million USD.


HONGKONG HoYoGo established, working as oversea sales office of the production.


HONGKONG HoYoGo ENTERPRISES CO., LTD, registered to Seychelles, in order to serve worldwide customers better and company future development.


Registered trademark HoYoGo TM by EUIPO was awarded


HoYoGo U.S sales Agent partner was set up.


HoYoGo acquire own ISO certificates and Ca-UL-US and Ts16949 Certificates.

HOYOGO Advantages

[HOYOGO Advantages][Realized your one-stop PCB demand][ Poweful and advanced production CAPABILITY ]1.7 Production bases ,350,000sqm monthly capacity,base cost-optimization.2.High level Automation and dedicated automotive production line.3.400+ oversea bu

Internal company rectification

HOYOGO Internal rectification planQuote2018/5/15, Some time ago, the packaging department reflected that where the product was damaged, in order to ensure the safety of the product, the company decided to purchase another packaging machine to guarantee th

Professional quality testing

Copper hole tester principle and method--Eddy CurrentMeasures inductance of material and correlates that to thicknessHow it works:.Coil creates oscillating magnetic field.Eddy currents are induced on conductive material.Eddy currents create inductance in probe