The Differences Between HDI PCB and Ordinary PCB

Nowaday, HDI PCB plays an important role in various electronic products. Compared with ordinary PCB, HDI is not only more scientific and resonable in pressing process, but also reduce the cost.


The Application of FPC in the Future Automotive Industry

The development of society is extremely fast, and various industries are constantly innovating. Following the previous introduction of ...


The Function of Impedance Board

A good lamination mechanism can control the characteristic impedance of the PCB, and the routing can form an easy-to-control and predictable transmission line structure called impedance board.


PCB Surface Treatment——Immersion Silver

Immersion Silver Process,The Advantage of Immersion Silver,The Disadvantages of Immersion Silver,Common Problem Analysis and Processing.


PCB Surface Treatment——OSP Process

OSP is the abbreviation of “Organic Solderability Preservative”, also known as a Preflux. It refers to an organic thin film layer chemically formed on a clean bare copper surface.


The Difference Between Immersion Gold and Gold Plating

Many people think immersion gold and gold plating are the same, but they are not. There are big differences between them.


The Difference Between HASL and Immersion Tin

The base purpose of PCB surface treatment is to ensure good solderability or electrical properties. Since copper is oxidized in the air, the...


Why are PCB board mostly green

For PCB boards, common PCB production colors are?red, yellow, green, blue, and black colors. But green solder mask are most commonly used. So people may have this question:Why are green mostly used?


What Should We Pay Attention To When Clean Assembled PCB?

We need to know that during the PCB assembly production, solder paste and flux usually produce residual substances. The residue contains org...


The Difference between PCB and PWB

The Difference between PCB and PWB.PCB:It is the English abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board.PWB:Printed wire board.