The Difference Between FPC and Integrated Circuit

What is the difference between FPC and Integrated Circuit?Structural difference,Characteristics difference,and Application difference.


The development of PCB substrate

The PCB substrate is the basic material of PCB production.Common substrates include: phenolic PCB paper substrates, composite PCB substrates, glass fiber PCB substrates and metal substrates, etc.


HOYOGO first New Year party

The Spring Festival seemed to not end till yesterday. On February 22 in 2019, we welcomed the first “Birthday Party”and performance bonu...


What kind of products are the main applications of FPC prototype?

FPC prototype is a proofing design process in order to confirm whether the circuit design and product production plan is feasible before mas...


High-Frequency Circuit Board

The high-frequency circuit board refers to a kind of special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency for above 1GHz.High frequency boards advantages and base material


Introduction to FPC types

With the continuous popularization and development of high-end miniaturized electronic products such as mobile phones and laptops, the deman...


2019 HOYOGO Annual Ceremony

Time flies like songs, in a blink of an eye 2018 has waved goodbye to us. On January 19, 2019, accompanied with a ray of sunshine in the winter, the HOYOGO annual ceremony was officially kicked off.


The key point of FPC's popularity

With the rapid growth of the electronic consumer market, the trend of thinner and smaller is becoming more and more obvious. Now the reliabl...


Hoyogo Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Dear partners, colleagues, friends and customers: Our Spring Festival holiday is from February 2nd to February 11th, and No. 12 is officially started.


The Release of "PCB Industry Specification Conditions"

It is reported that the “PCB Industry Standard Conditions” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will be released on Februa...