5G era--good time for PCB

As we all know, 5G has become hot in the market. Thanks to its driving role, The Mother of Electronic System PCB will benefit a lot and main...


The Importance of PCB Silk Screen

With the development of technology, PCB quality requirements are becoming more stringent. As one of the control means, PCB silk screen infor...



The following is a type of HDI boards produced recently. It mainly adopts the process for via plug with resign&electroplating flattened


Pink Solder Mask PCB

It is well known that solder mask plays a key role in the PCBs production. PCBs solder mask are also available in various colors, such as gr...


Why FPC is widely used after the emergence of power batteries?

With the increasing sales volume of new energy vehicles on the market, the production of power batteriesalso increases steadily.FPC, a new p...


The life of PCB

As time goes by and age goes on, people will grow old. With the progress of the times and technology, PCB will also pass through t...


Even though waste, PCB is also valuable.

With development of the times and technology, the speed of electronic product replacement is getting faster and faster, but the life cycle i...


Optimal RF PCB can improve the use of effect

Nowadays the electronic products replacement is fast, thus the PCB industry is more and more booming. As one of the representatives, the rig...


Automotive Electronics' Large Demand for PCB Boards

With the continuous advancement of the automotive industry, automobiles have evolved from complete mechanical devices into a combination of ...


Latest Special PCB

Latest Special PCBCharacteristics:12-layer board, all layers in the inner layer 4oz, outer layer 3oz, metal edging.