A trip to America begins with a single step

2018.6 , this month represents has been the past half of this year, the company is faced with some task is not complete, plan the rectified ...


Eployee birthday party

Employee Birthday PartyApril - This is April. In April, a beautiful and prosperous year, April is full of enthusiasm, and April, which is sp...


Corporate Culture

Corporate CultureSecretary training:Good faith wins the world,to unit knowledge and practiceManagement conceptIn the pursuit of the material...


Discussion on layout design of printed circuit components

Discussion on layout design of printed circuit componentsPrinted circuit board power supply, ground bus wiring structure selection ---- Syst...


Tomb-Sweeping Day

HOYOGO Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday noticeAll employees of HOYOGO please pay attention:            ...


March 2018 Walking Tour

March 2018 Walking TourI think this is the spring we want. Forever vibrant, always energetic. Every day is a beginning, every day is a start...


HOYOGO 2018 New Year Annual Festival

?HOYOGO 2018 New Year Annual FestivalTheme: Elites gathered together, flying miles, achieve you, achieve me, and achieve him ...


HOYOGO Company news

On February 27, 2018, HOYOGO welcomes new and old customers for consultation.


HOYOGO the first Fupan—ARR(After Action Review) of 2017

HOYOGO the first Fupan—ARR(After Action Review) of 2017Fupan is a Chinese saying, comes from the Chinese ancient game of “Go”, also called A...


HOYOGO will fight with pcb price to the end in 2018

On December 5, 2017, a major fire in Asia's largest epoxy company affected the cost of epoxy, which will result in many pcb factories ha...