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4L FR4 TG145 CTI>175 0.3mm

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4L FR4 TG145 CTI>175 0.3mm
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[Product detail]

hyg pcb3.png hyg pcb4_副本.jpg hygpcb5_副本.jpg Audi.png

Layer: 4 Base Material :FR4 TG145 CTI>175
Board Thickness: 1.6mm Unit Size(mm) : 53.88 x 154
Min hole size: 0.33mm Total hole: 464
W/S(mil): 7.8/10 Surface Finishing :Immersion Tin
Solder Mask:Green matt silkscreen: White

[Multilayer Construction]

PCB -model: 39091/01/Print High/P11-TLE0001-1 V3.xx.01

1.Layer  Top Layer Filename: Dachm-high.GTL
2.Layer Internal Layer1 Filename: Dachm-high.G1
3.Layer Internal Layer2 Filename: Dachm-high.G2
4.Layer Bottom Layer Filename: Dachm-high.GBL


Total Multilayer thickness:    1.60+ -0.16 mm

1.60+ - 0.16 mm thickness including copper,chemical Sn, solder resist.

[Drill Tool Table]

Tool  Final diameter count comment
T01 0.30mm-0/+0.15 mm 6 plated
T02 0.40mm-0/+0.15 mm 424 plated
T03 1.02mm-0/+0.15 mm 12 plated
T04 1.30mm-0/+0.15 mm 12 plated
T05 1.35mm-0/+0.15 mm 4 plated
T06 2.60mm-0/+0.10 mm 4 non plated
T07 4.00mm-0/+0.10 mm 2 non plated

Total number of drills:


Total number of tools:



ⅰ. Good surface roughness

ⅱ. has excellent electrical conductivity and weldability, can be repeatedly welded

ⅲ. Shen-Xin Lead-free, no pollution to the environment

ⅳ. Long storage period (one year)

ⅴ. Simple process and good work environment

ⅵ. The hardness of antimony tin is small, easy to wipe flowers

ⅶ. High demand for incoming materials (semiconductor requirements before sinking tin are uniform, no oxidation, fingerprints, glue stains, etc.)

ⅷ. Repair difficulties

ⅸ. Storage and transportation requirements are high

IMG_3070_副本.jpg 31.jpg IMG_3075_副本.jpg



Immersion Silver



Immersion Tin


1. The sedimentary layer is smooth, with strong hardness, and the surface is not easy to scratch

2. Has good electrical conductivity and multiple welding performance

3 long storage period (more than 1 year)

1. Deposit formation

2. Has good electrical conductivity and weldability

3. Simple process control

4. Easy to rework and repair

1.Low production cost

2. Simple process control

3. Simple rework

1.Low production cost

2. Has good electrical conductivity and weldability

3 can be repeated welding

4. Long storage period (more than 1 year)

1. Simple process control

2. Deposit formation

3. Good electrical conductivity and weldability

4 can be repeated welding

5. The storage period is one year


1. High production cost

2. Process control is more difficult

3. There is a potential black mat defect

4. Difficulties in repairs and rework

1. Short storage period (6~12 months)

2 can not be repeated welding

3. Yin Yin surface yellow

4. High requirements for storage environment and transportation

1.Short duration

2 can not be repeated welding

1. The spray surface has poor smoothness;

2 fine pitch processing difficulties

3 high temperature processing board easy to change

4. Lead, serious pollution of the environment

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