2019 HOYOGO Annual Ceremony

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Time flies like songs, in a blink of an eye 2018 has waved goodbye to us. On January 19, 2019, accompanied with a ray of sunshine in the winter, the HOYOGO annual ceremony was officially kicked off.

HOYOGO annual ceremony

A few days before the annual ceremony, the company had already prepared rich gifts and cash prize for employees, guests and family members. Then everyone gathered to celebrate.

The annual ceremony officially began, and our sales manager Ruby led the HOYOGO first women’s team to perform the opening dance:”Good time”.

Good time

After enjoying the passionate dance, CEO Mr. Liu was invited to make a speech. He summarized the reasons for the company’s major personnel and policy adjustments in 2018, mentioning “It is precisely because of the timely adjustment in the first half year that helps the company has grown steadily and increased by 28%. He also analyzed the business environment in 2019 which will be more severe. Under the influence of the Sino-US trade war, many companies have reduced their assets by several hundred million overnight. As long as HOYOGO people insist on running the company with product quality as the first priority, we can steadily move forward in the stormy waves. However, with the adjustment and support of national economic policy, along with the serious efforts of everyone, he believed HOYOGO performance goals of 2019 will be completed! Special thanks to the King Board Group, the Panasonic Group, and the support of major partners and brother companies. ” Moreover, Mr. Liu also expressed his heartfelt thanks to HOYOGO family for their hard work, and wished Hoyogo healthier, stronger, better in 2019.

Mr Liu speech

Then it came to the commendation of outstanding employees who was responsible for their work, and dedicated to the company. It was because of their dedication that the company could be so wonderful today. It is precisely of their efforts that had laid a solid foundation of the company’s development tomorrow, which was a model worth learning. Mr. Liu awarded a glory to these outstanding employees.

outstanding employees

Next is our long-awaited lottery. After presenting the prize to guests and family members, our thoughtful Mr. Liu took out the surprises for the children. Everyone gained a lot with full joy in their face.


How could there be no warm-up shows during the passionate lottery? Led by HOYOGO’s COO, our second women’s team staged the “Dance Rhythm Yoga - Blue and White Porcelain”. The fascinating charm, the graceful figure, and the tacit cooperation with each other showed us a frame of ancient dance, much intoxicating.

Dance Rhythm Yoga

The following was the team led by our Quality Manager Mr. Cheng to perform a co-created free-talk piece - “Three sentences and a half”. It fully praised everyone in HOYOGO with warm applause returning.

Three sentences and a half

Then Ruby brought another dance show “Babe”, together with our first women’s team. That was very charming and playful, which confirmed the girls in marketing department are versatile.


Blandine’s song ”Take me to your heart” was beautiful, intriguing and touching! You would feel like watching an elegant concert, and immersed in it.

Take me to your heart

Then was the necessarye program in every annual ceremony : “Gesture Language Dance - Thank You”. Since the company establishment in 2006, HOYOGO had been going all the way. The show was for those who kept contributing. 

Gesture Language Dance

Finally, Yumi made a summary: She was grateful to Mr. Liu for supporting her work in last year! At the same time, she emphasized a sentence that a guest said: Do what should do, and then do best. As long as we are on the right path, we are worthy of lives, just like our management concept: While pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, make contribution to social harmony. She hoped that everyone can shine their own light and achieve self-worth on the HOYOGO platform.

Yumi speech

In unforgettable 2018, we walked together. For exciting 2019, we are welcoming together. The 2019 annual ceremony ended with the song “Unforgettable Tonight”. We wish HOYOGO continue to advance in the new year, to ride the wind and waves for creating new achievements. We wish you all wishes will come true, and everything goes well in the new year.