Your one-stop customized PCB center!


Super powerful and advanced production CAPABILITY

7 Production bases,350,000sqm monthly capacity, best cost-optimization.

High level Automation and dedicated automotive production line, excellent and stable quality system.

400+ oversea buyers’ choice with focus in Europe and North America.


One-stop PCB products SUPPLY & SOLUTION

Products range: Rigid, FPC, rigid-flex, HDI, PCBA, and all other exotic PCBs.

Expert products: 1500mm long board of 1&2Layer, 0.15mm thin board of rigid.

Quick-turn of prototype in 3days.


International and professional TEAM:

Management team with average 19years industry experience.

Sales team with 4 languages (Chinese,English,French,and Japanese), offer in 1 hour, nearly 0 time-difference service worldwide.

Global sales representative from U.S, Australia, and Africa in house and locally.


Customer-Care conception and first-class SERVICE

Reliable Quality Assurance policy and quick response in 30min of solution.

NO MOQ, Flexible Payment term &method support.

Regular and high frequency business visit to customer worldwide.

Value-Added service of technical support and sourcing service, etc

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HOYOGO made a company trip to Dongjiang River 5A tourist attractions


HOYOGO made a company trip to Dongjiang River 5A tourist attractions

HOYOGO made a company trip to Dongjiang River 5A tourist attractions on May 24, 2017, where is the owner of HOYOGO, Mr. Anandal Liu’s hometown. The trip lasted for 4days until 28 of May. They were attracted by the beautiful natural scenery there and spent amaz



HOYOGO the first Fupan—ARR(After Action Review) of 2017

HOYOGO the first Fupan—ARR(After Action Review) of 2017Fupan is a Chinese saying, comes from the Chinese ancient game of “Go”, also called ARR (After Action Review), now is a famous management tool and Methodology for famous enterprise. It was firstly pro



HOYOGO will fight with pcb price to the end in 2018

On December 5, 2017, a major fire in Asia's largest epoxy company affected the cost of epoxy, which will result in many pcb factories having to adjust their costs. At the same time, a serious lack of pcb material copper also makes the pcb manufacturing wor...



Annual Leave Notification

Notic 2018 Annual Holiday Arrangements1. The holiday time is February 15, 2018 - February 26, 2018 for a total of 12 days.2. According to the provisions of the Labor Law, there are 7 days during the holiday is a paid holiday, the rest of the time to calculate,...



2018.1.16 Employees Birthday Party

2018.1.16 is a countdown with 30 days to the Spring Festival, for such a special day, the company will definitely have a good thing. Yes, it comes again the employee’s birthday party! At 18:00P.M., the party officially starts; our personnel staff Mis



HOYOGO New Year greeting and CNY Holiday notice of 2018

Happy New Year|Lucky Dog Happy New Year