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PCB Multilayer Board Design


PCB Multilayer Board Design

Multi-layer PCB not only helps the machine to conduct various different circuits, but also is insulated and does not allow electricity and electricity to collide with each other, so it is absolutely safe. If you want a PCB with good performance, you have to design it carefully.



Applicable Occasions for PCB Surface Treatment

Different PCB surface treatment processes will have a great impact on the final quotation. Then let’s understand the applicable places and practices of each surface treatment in order to select the most reasonable surface treatment method and achieve high cost performance.



Advantages and Disadvantages of PCB Surface Treatment

It is well know that cooper is easily oxidized in the air. The oxide layer of copper has a great influence on the soldering, and it is easy to form false soldering and virtual welding. In severe cases, the pads and components cannot be soldered. Therefore,



What is Aluminum PCB?

The printed circuit board can be made of various metal materials. These special PCB can be called metal base PCB. The choice of metal depends on their application. The Aluminum PCB is a relatively popular metal substrate with good heat dissipation function and can be applied to many fields in modern times.



Why does the PCB Need Impedance?

Impedance processing is essential in the production of PCB. Why does the PCB need impedance? The reasons are as follows:



Four Methods of PCB Plating

If some components on the PCB are exposed to the air for a long time, they are easily oxidized and lose their luster, and they are corroded and lose solderability.