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2 factories Production bases,500,000Sqm monthly capacity, best cost-optimization. Plants invested capital 228mil USD.

High level Automation and dedicated automotive production line, excellent and stable quality system. “Automotive accounts for 45%”.

400+ oversea buyers’ choice with focus in Europe and North America.


One-stop PCB products SUPPLY & SOLUTION

Products range: Rigid, FPC, rigid-flex, HDI, PCBA, and all other exotic PCBs.

Expert products: 1500mm long board of 1&2Layer, 0.15mm thin board of rigid.

Quick-turn of prototype in 1.5days.

Global World Class PCB Designer.


International and professional TEAM:

Management team with average 25years industry experience.

Sales team with 4 languages (Chinese,English,French,and Japanese), offer in 1 hour, nearly 0 time-difference service worldwide.

Global sales representative from U.S, Australia, and Africa in house and locally.


Customer-Care conception and first-class SERVICE

Reliable Quality Assurance policy and quick response in 30min of solution.

NO MOQ, Flexible Payment term &method support.

Regular and high frequency business visit to customer worldwide.

Value-Added service of technical support and sourcing service, etc

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What are the Factors that Affect the PCB Prices?


What are the Factors that Affect the PCB Prices?

Why are the prices of the same PCBs in different factories different, some are expensive, some are very cheap, some are moderately priced, what causes a variety of PCB price differences?



The Difference between PCB Dry Film and Wet Film

The dry film is a kind of high-molecular compound. It generates a polymerization reaction after being irradiated with ultraviolet rays to form a stable substance attached to the surface of the plate, thereby achieving the functions of impedance plating and etching. The wet film is a blue viscous liquid synthesized from a photosensitive resin and is added with a sensitizer, a pigment, a filler, and a solvent.



Classification of Rigid PCB Substrates

A high performance organic rigid PCB substrate, usually composed of dielectric layer(epoxy resin, fiberglass) and high purify conductor(copper foil).



Yangjiang Two-Day Tour

HOYOGO organized tourism activities for all employees and their families on August 10, 2019. This trip was a two-day tour of Jiangmen City and Yangjiang City.



The Materials composition of rigid PCB

The rigid PCB has alternating layers of different materials laminated together by heat and adhesive to form a single object. So what materials is it mainly composed of?



Market Prospects for PCB Proofing

In general, the development momentum of PCB proofing manufacturers in the future is very strong. Whether it is from the overall market demand or from the market entities, PCB proofing services have a good market development space.