Your one-stop customized PCB center!


Super powerful and advanced production CAPABILITY

7 Production bases,350,000sqm monthly capacity, best cost-optimization.

High level Automation and dedicated automotive production line, excellent and stable quality system.

400+ oversea buyers’ choice with focus in Europe and North America.


One-stop PCB products SUPPLY & SOLUTION

Products range: Rigid, FPC, rigid-flex, HDI, PCBA, and all other exotic PCBs.

Expert products: 1500mm long board of 1&2Layer, 0.15mm thin board of rigid.

Quick-turn of prototype in 3days.


International and professional TEAM:

Management team with average 19years industry experience.

Sales team with 4 languages (Chinese,English,French,and Japanese), offer in 1 hour, nearly 0 time-difference service worldwide.

Global sales representative from U.S, Australia, and Africa in house and locally.


Customer-Care conception and first-class SERVICE

Reliable Quality Assurance policy and quick response in 30min of solution.

NO MOQ, Flexible Payment term &method support.

Regular and high frequency business visit to customer worldwide.

Value-Added service of technical support and sourcing service, etc

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Hoyogo Chinese New Year Holiday Notice


Hoyogo Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Dear partners, colleagues, friends and customers: Our Spring Festival holiday is from February 2nd to February 11th, and No. 12 is officially started.



Introduction to FPC types

With the continuous popularization and development of high-end miniaturized electronic products such as mobile phones and laptops, the demand for reliable FPC is increasing. The market trend of FPC has become the vane of entire electronics industry,thus FPC ma...



2019 HOYOGO Annual Ceremony

Time flies like songs, in a blink of an eye 2018 has waved goodbye to us. On January 19, 2019, accompanied with a ray of sunshine in the winter, the HOYOGO annual ceremony was officially kicked off.



The key point of FPC's popularity

With the rapid growth of the electronic consumer market, the trend of thinner and smaller is becoming more and more obvious. Now the reliable FPC is a kind of product that is favored by major manufacturers and consumers, becoming an indispensable accessory for...



The Release of "PCB Industry Specification Conditions"

It is reported that the “PCB Industry Standard Conditions” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will be released on February 1, 2019. The release will be beneficial to the structural adjustment and layout optimization of PCB industry, and will play a positive role in improving the industrial development level and promoting the industrial sustainable development.



5G era--good time for PCB

As we all know, 5G has become hot in the market. Thanks to its driving role, The Mother of Electronic System PCB will benefit a lot and mainly focus on the following three aspects:Base station communication application,5G mobile phones,automotive electronics.