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Expert products: 1500mm long board of 1&2Layer, 0.15mm thin board of rigid.

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The Application of FPC in the Future Automotive Industry


The Application of FPC in the Future Automotive Industry

The development of society is extremely fast, and various industries are constantly innovating. Following the previous introduction of FPC, we know that FPC is widly used and its advantages are outstanding. So, what is the status of such an excellent FPC



The Difference Between HASL and Immersion Tin

The base purpose of PCB surface treatment is to ensure good solderability or electrical properties. Since copper is oxidized in the air, the composition of copper will becomes impure, PCB surface treatment is required for copper.



Why are PCB board mostly green

For PCB boards, common PCB production colors are?red, yellow, green, blue, and black colors. But green solder mask are most commonly used. So people may have this question:Why are green mostly used?



What Should We Pay Attention To When Clean Assembled PCB?

We need to know that during the PCB assembly production, solder paste and flux usually produce residual substances. The residue contains organic acids and decomposable ions. Among them, organic acids have corrosive effect, and the residual ions on the pads can cause short circuits. Moreover, these residues are dirty on the assembled PCB and do not meet the customer’s requirements for product cleanliness. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean the assembled PCB.



The Difference between PCB and PWB

The Difference between PCB and PWB.PCB:It is the English abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board.PWB:Printed wire board.



The Difference Between FPC and Integrated Circuit

What is the difference between FPC and Integrated Circuit?Structural difference,Characteristics difference,and Application difference.