2017.10.21Europe visit

Visit in Paris, France Oct. 2017.png

On October 21, 2017, they left Italy. Vice President Yumi and Marketing Director Cici traveled to the France to discuss which application areas could expand production in the coming year. Taste local wine with a wonderful taste and negotiate business with clients, and the treatment will only go so smoothly between people who have a good relationship.

Because the company built the official website, Yumi asked customers if you are looking for PCB suppliers online, what keywords would you search for? The customer replied that you just said the PCB supplier should be one of my options, of course, if I need the specified product, such as flexible PCB, high density PCB, quick turn PCB, etc. will be my choice. In this regard, Yumi and Cici sincerely thank the customer's answer.

Visit in South of France Oct. 2017.png

HOYOGO arrived at the last stop of October in the South of France. With previous customer satisfaction and happiness, Yumi and Cici, the last on-site service, are still in the best attitude to face the customer's questions and demands. As long as they can help customers or HOYOGO need to be improved, Yumi will record it, and then back to the company to discuss the meeting, the face of customer service demand points is a healthy and stable company the right direction, HOYOGO has been working hard to achieve "no  PCB can’t be achieved by HOYOGO," the slogan of upholding love, sincere to be the style of doing things, which is why we do not currently have a loss of customers reason.