2017.11.8America visit


After the end of the visit of Oct, HOYOGO began an annual customer visit. According to the appointment time, company vice president Yumi started the journey in 2017. The first stop to visit the client was San Francisco, then visited the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on the client's lead.Yumi,always emphasizes with his staff that expanding market must have the strong execution ability of military personnel. The one should dare to face the difficulties that arise and the more customer service is the sign of growth.

Chinese PCB industry,seen as low cost PCB fabrication could also produce high-tech and high-quality products such as PCB assembly ,PCBA,SMT ect.So China's foreign trade revenue in 2017 was the world's first,in the current prices of various PCB materials at the same time, there are still many Chinese enterprises do not have to mobilize the cost price of pcb, quality control as worthy of customer Shinano.

Why did HOYOGO visit any client  anywhere in the world? Yumi replied before that to adhere to our own duty is the most direct and effective way of gaining trust,the trust was the beginning of everything.