2017.10.19Europe visit

Visit in Klagenfurt Austria  Oct. 2017.png

Bid farewell to Viniena, Yumi ready to visit Klagenfurt's customers. According to the appointment time and place, Yumi discuss with clients the prospects of many industries and how they can support each other in the future to develop the company as quickly as possible. HOYOGO can also recruit agents to expand the market and serve customers, so that more unknown potential customers to know HOYOGO. After hearing about the layout of our market, the customer would be happy to introduce more potential clients to our local market, which made this business more business opportunities and unexpected results.


At last,he said that if someone ask ceramic pcb manufacturer in chinese I know,I would tell him or her HOYOGO would be a not bad chocie.It would be a wonderful thing to surprise and reap every visit.