2017.11.20America visit


On November 20, 2017, Yumi, vice president of HOYOGO, took the flight from Niagara to Dolva to continue theirjourney.To reach the Dorval airport, customers have been waiting for long time, pleasant conversation to eliminate the feeling of fatigue in the aircraft, eventually being taken to the hotel to take a break. The next day began a serious discussion and a pleasant meal. Friends, don’t care about distance between us!Haha! Of course, when you arrive in New York City, you may not be able to sleep smoothly without shopping. However, our leaders have not forgotten to bring gifts to us and forgive them for not doing their jobs.

Our corporate culture is to improve the quality of life of employees at the same time through hard work to make a contribution to the community, we are like a family pushing the continuous development of enterprises, there is no slightest class concept.Occasionally open Yumi's joke, you find our smile more beautiful.