5G era--good time for PCB

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As we all know, 5G has become hot in the market. Thanks to its driving role, The Mother of Electronic System PCB will benefit a lot and mainly focus on the following three aspects:

High-speed&high-frequency requires,in base station communication application. It is reported that at the end of the 4G era, the purchase price Of high-frequency PCB by equipment manufacturers is as low as 2,000 yuan/square meter.While the added value of 5GPCB in high-frequency materials and relevant process will increase, which means the price of high-frequency front-end PCB will exceed at least 3,000 yuan/square meter,namely 1.5 times higher than 4G.If annual base stations quantity in the peak period is supposed to be 28.8 million , the high-frequency PCB value will be expected to reach 28.8 billion yuan per year.

High Frequency PCB

Lightweight trend comes, on 5G mobile phones and tablet computers, etc. Future mobile phones will rapidly develop in the direction of high density, integration, modularity, and thinning. While the FPC mainly focus on the characteristics of wind-ability, small size, light weight, etc., and will play an important role in the highly intelligent equipment. Therefore, in this transformation, its market share will also be significantly improved.

The development of automotive electronics, electrification and intelligence requests. With the improvement of people's economic ability and life quality, cars have become increasingly popular. As a result, these three trends will lead to sharp increase in the use of electronic components, whose proportion will become more and more in car configuration. It can be seen that from 2010 to 2030, automotive PCBs is expected to increase from 30% to 50%. 

Automotive PCB

5G is the advancement of science and technology. Facing the times development, HOYOGO actively responds to the market demand, that is consolidate past advantages and invest heavily in the production of high-end products.Focus on quality, optimize service, let customers always trust, and develop in a balanced and healthy direction.