9mm Coil Aluminum Substrate Manufacturer

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9mm Coil Aluminum Substrate Manufacturer

HYG is a Chinese PCB design and manufacturer. This time we produce 9mm coil aluminum substrates for our customers. The customer has high requirements for quality. After understanding the quality of our company, we are confident in our production. After the 9mm coil aluminum substrate has been cut, etched, Solder Mask and other production processes, it must pass our company's strict product quality inspection. If it does not meet the standard, it will be scrapped. Here's a quick look at the product display after production:

1) Thickness display


2) Plane display


3) Plane display Coil design spacing is only 4.5mil


In the production process of the company's products, the machinery and equipment that our factory has updated have been produced to ensure that the product quality can reach the advanced standards of the industry.

Product production flow chart:

Cutting1.jpgChemical&Physical Laborato.jpgInner Dry Film Imaging.jpgInner layer etch.jpg
laboratoryDry FilmInner Etching
Auto Drill Bit Sharpener.jpgDrilling (Auto Drilling machine).jpgPTH & Surface Copper Measu.jpgPanel plating.jpg
Auto Drill Bit SharpenerDrillingPTHPanel Plating
HASL Line (Lead and Lead.jpgENIG ThicknessSolder Mask.jpgAuto E-test Machine.jpg
HASL Lead FreeImmersion Gold
Solder MaskE-test
Routing.jpgFQC.jpgAOI Test.jpgInspection Machine.jpg
ProfileFQCAOI SacningInpection Machine
Final Audi.jpgpacking.jpg

Final AudiPacking