Folding Screen Phone and FPC

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The FPC industry will continue to expand demand with the improvement of people's living standards and personalized design. Only mid-to-high end products will use FPC. Ordinary products or products with low added value cannot withstand this cost pressure. However, the demand at home and abroad is constantly improving, and the technology is constantly innovating. Therefore, this industry is still quite impressive, and the demand for FPC has been greatly improved, and its technological development and breakthrough will greatly improve our living habits and quality of life.



The extensive application of FPC in the electronics industry will prompt FPC manufacturers to accelerate the research and development and investment of high-end products, thereby improving the FPC manufacturing capability in mainland China. The further improvement of FPC technology will also bring greater possibilities for miniaturization of products in various electronic fields. HOYOGO Technology provides one-stop hardware R&D design services, which will increase research on FPC/PCB design and improve the design quality of FPC/PCB and rigid-flex PCB.


FPC Stiffener


Nowadays, the continuous maturity of the folding screen phone has also driven the continuous development of the FPC industry chain. At the same time, on the consumer electronics side, more and more FPC manufacturers began to increase the proportion of FPC in their own devices. Taking Apple Inc as an example, today Apple Inc has more than half of the world's FPC needs, hardware FPC BOM entry & ASP is increasing year by year, 2017 iPhone X components are ushered in a comprehensive upgrade. The functional innovation represented by OLED full screen, 3D imaging and wireless charging has made the number of FPCs more than 20 pieces.


Folding Screen Phone


According to the statistics of relevant institutions, the global FPC market in 2017 was totaled is about US$11.35 billion, while the Chinese FPC market was US$5.8 billion, accounting for more than half of the world. At the same time, with the explosion of flexible screen production capacity, it is expected to overtake the hard screen in 2019, reaching about 60%. The foldable AMOLED panel will account for 8% of the total shipments of AMOLED panels, accounting for 11% of the total shipments of flexible AMOLED panels. As an important part of the folding screen mobile phone, the FPC industry will also usher in an opportunity to develop.



Folding screen phones are likely to be the next-generation "killer" design to replace full-screen phones. At the same time, due to the rise of folding screens, it will also drive a new round of growth in the FPC market. Admittedly, the application of FPC in folding screen phones is faced with problems such as unloading, inability to pass large currents, and difficulty in after-sales maintenance, but these corresponding solutions are now available. FPC's position in the folding screen mobile phone is irreplaceable, and with the gradual maturity of the folding screen mobile phone, the FPC industry will also generate more vitality in this field.