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Recently,emerging HDI has attracted much attention and has become the “darling” in the PCB industry. HDIHigh Density Interconnector) usually refers to a kind of PCB with high line distribution density, on which the micro-blind buried via technology is applied on the 0.1mm min hole. Because of its fast signal transmission speed, small size and cost-saving feature, it is much popular in the market, and mainly used in the high-end products such as smart phones, tablet computers and GPS navigation.

Such boards require high technical content, precise accuracy, complicated processes. It takes a long time to complete the production, and its requirements for production equipment are much higher than ordinary multi-layer boards.

The following is a type of HDI boards produced recently.

High Density Interconnector


Layer : 6L

Base Material : FR4

Board Thickness : 0.8mm

Final Copper Thickness : 1OZ

Surface Finished : ENIG

Unit Size(mm) : 24.71*24.71

Min Hole Size : 0.1mm

Min Hole Copper Thickness : 20um

Min W/S(mil) : 4.7/4.3

Solder Mark : Glossy Red

Special Request: Blind&Buried Via

Via Plug with Resin&Electroplating Flattened

This 2step HDI PCB is with multilayer arbitrary interconnection technology, specifically referring to the electrical interconnection between adjacent two or more layers through blind holes. It mainly adopts the process for via plug with resign&electroplating flattened, to make the product highly reliable and well conducted, which perfectly meets the customer's quality requirements.