HOYOGO birthday party

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On October 26th, 2018, HOYOGO usher in another birthday celebration for longevity god of the month. As normal, owner commend the outstanding employees with little but special award and gave a monthly summary to everyone.

Every month, we hold the party at selected place and mode. This time it is still in our company meeting room. Firstly let’s look at what kind of dishes we have!


Pizza, chicken wings, chicken legs, prawns, various stir-fry and fruits. At the same time, we also prepare beautiful flowers and small gifts for god of longevity.

At the beginning of party, the first thing is to recognize outstanding employees and award bonuses to them.

regular employee commendation

In November, our new colleague Vennifer from the Marketing Department is turned to the regular employee under everyone’s warm welcome to HOYOGO family. Everyone at HOYOGO should bear in mind the company's corporate culture, and idea at work or in personal life: Treat each other with sincerity and help each other. Do not oppose and live in harmony, work together to create a bright future that belongs to us!


Performance award: Encourage excellence,reward striving,and share the joy of achieving

the companys performance

While Engineering Manager Mr. Ma is awarded with 10points due to his outstanding constructive opinion to the whole company. His meticulosity、diligence and initiative performance is admirable.

Because of actively three-day overtime work and handling with 69 customer emails, customer service manager Ivy is awarded with 34.5 points of performance, showing the recognition to the conscientious working spirit.


The performance of the above two people shows our corporate culture. In HOYOGO,everyone is the member of this big family, welcomed to discover questions and work together to solve. Eeveryone’s idea is precious to make our family better and better.

Next is the official birthday celebration. Delicious cake, special music and light is together with our best wishes to kindly bless their hope.

Dear owner Mr. Liu personally give flowers and gifts to the god of longevity with our most sincere wishes. Happy birthday to them, and hope they can spare no effort to work and follow HOYOGO family to be better and better!


On October 26th, 2018, HOYOGO birthday party ended perfectly;Tonignt we are here singing,Laughing.I believe our longevity have accepted all the blessings and greetings. HOYOGO provide such a platform,let us know each other and remember this happy and warm night,Let our friendship sublimate with our work and hope for sunny day forever accompanying with our life everyday!