HOYOGO first New Year party

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  The Spring Festival seemed to not end till yesterday. On February 22 in 2019, we welcomed the first “Birthday Party”and performance bonus issuing day. It is also a time for our HOYOGO family to gather together. No matter how the years change, HOYOGO family will be always with good intentions.

  As usual, HR director Ms Dai prepared a rich dinner for all in advance: pizza, chicken wings, prawns, roast duck and various fruit. At the same time, birthday cakes, flowers and gifts were ready for the birthday stars.


  At the beginning of the banquet, the first thing we did was to recognize outstanding employees and award bonuses.

  Congratulations on a full member turning

  Pinky in the marketing department, became a full member this month. Warmly welcome Pinky to officially join in HOYOGO. In the future, we will help each other and live in harmony, and work together to create a bright future that belongs to us!

  Encourage and reward those who are excellent with continuous striving, share the joy of promising company performance, and reward the people who meet the company performance standards:

  Many colleagues are willing to give up family reunion time in the the Spring Festival, and take the initiative to deal with work, so that the customers can get better service and time-saving experience. We advocate such team spirit centered on the company and customer. They are the model for us to learn. In this way, they love the company,love the work,and practice the core values of HOYOGO: Altruism first, selfishness last;Quality first, customer satisfaction important; Loyal and friendly, diligent and enterprising; Integrity management,win-win cooperation; Job loving and dedicated, pioneering and innovative. Subsequently, performance bonus were awarded to the outstanding models and the people who achieved performance standard. We hope that each member of the team learns from them and keep moving.

HOYOGO reward

  After the reward schedule, COO Yumi was invited to speak: “Be an outgoing and positive person, not affected by negative things. Once born, we must distinguish between the right and the wrong.We must walk on the right path and make the right choice. Everyone has various roles, just to do what we should do and fulfill our responsibilities within different roles. And we should learn to be bearish, people fail when they fuss”.


  After Yumi’s speech, Our CEO Mr. Liu repeated that the performance rewards are for those who work hard and struggle. And he hoped everyone will continue to grow and progress.


  Then, everyone around the table enjoyed the food and laughter was endless.

  Finally, in the warm applause, we invited the birthday star of February, and invited Mr. Liu and Ms. Yumi to send them flowers and gifts. Later the birthday cake appeared, the birthday stars silently made their wishes after birthday song ended. Let us bless them happy every day.

HOYOGO party

  Although the food is simple, the gift is light, and the birthday cake is still, we, HOYOGO, just want to do the complex things simply, do the simple things repeatedly, do the repetitive things seriously, and do the serious things creatively. We believe that the performance goal of 2019 will be successfully achieved with our efforts.