HOYOGO the first Fupan—ARR(After Action Review) of 2017

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HOYOGO the first Fupan—ARR(After Action Review) of 2017

Fupan is a Chinese saying, comes from the Chinese ancient game of “Go”, also called ARR (After Action Review), now is a famous management tool and Methodology for famous enterprise. It was firstly proposed by Mr. Liu Chuanzhi, the CEO of Lenovo company in China in the year of 2001, and then introduced to worldwide in 2011.


2017, HOYOGO had very fast development, in the meantime also faced a lot of new challenges. HOYOGO’S management realize the situation the company facing, they officially bring the Fupan Methodology to their company management in 2017.




Due to the policy “full participation”, to have all available in office, the first Fupan meeting was arranged in January of 2018. The meeting lasted for 2 days and a half. Each employee of the company well prepared his own PPT speech to give a summary of his job and life, compare to the original goal to check the result; to analysis the reason of result performance, then to make improvement actions, so as to work out the working plan and growth direction for the coming year.


The first Day, January 27, 2018, was the time for the supporting team to make the conclusion firstly, which incl. Engineering Dept, Quality Dept, Purchasing Dept, and Logistics Dept. The leaders of Marketing Dept. Ms Cici and Linda also attended their meeting to give more feedback of request from the market and the customers.


The main topics discussed are:

  • Cost management from material, production, engineering optimization and logistic;

  • Faster and professional engineering handling for RFQ and EQ, zero mistakes;

  • More technical and high-technology support;

  • Improve quality control and avoid defect flow-out, improve of supply-chain management, incoming inspection and double-control system and machine;

  • Production planning control and logistics arrangement to delivery faster and on time;

  • Service management, support for more quick-turn service, fast response, and professional suggestion, etc….



Finally the CEO Mr. Anandal Liu and vice president Ms. Yumi Yu made the conclusion and pointed out the key direction of improvement and development of 2018 for each department and each individual staff.




The second day is the Sales&Market department’s Fupan meeting. There are 3 different teams from sales, marketing and service supporting in this department. Each of them is very well-prepared. From their report, you will know the service you can get from this company, because “Attitude is everything!”


From the Director to each staff, they deeply make conclusion of their job and analyze their situation and point out the future improvement direction and actions. Such as the sales, they listed each customer and make deep analysis and work out the necessary improvement and requested support in 2018. And the idea was already deeply going to everyone’s mind “ Perfect service and Customer good feeling is the KEY to win the market.”


This meeting last to another half day, as everyone really shares a lot. They know this is the chance to work out the entire problem and find the solution with the management supporting, to know their demand, to hear customers’ pain, so everyone speak freely and express their opinions and suggestions.


After the Fupan meeting, a lot of Improvement proposals were set up officially immediately the day after.


We are 100% confident that with such a team, such a philosophy, we will be sure win a good future with our employee, customer, and partners.