HOYOGO will fight with pcb price to the end in 2018

Hits:-   Issuing time:2018-01-30

On December 5, 2017, a major fire in Asia's largest epoxy company affected the cost of epoxy, which will result in many pcb factories having to adjust their costs. At the same time, a serious lack of pcb material copper also makes the pcb manufacturing worse, the factory for adjusting the price will affect the customer is very worried, like walking thin ice. 


However, HOYOGO still maintains its own attitude toward the price hikes of most enterprises. We will still try our best to follow the 2017 price, we will not raise the PCB cost price in 18 years, and HOYOGO has made a bold decision to prevent many customers from rejecting the sudden Asian storm. As long as customers are unacceptable to the status quo in Asia, they will be able to maintain their original prices. Division I has always been to help others, to achieve common development, for the market situation in all cases based on customer premise to make the best adjustments.


HOYOGO in the year of 2018 will fight with the cost price to the end, with our insistence to win Customer recognition, continue to maintain the loss of 0 feat.