Introduction to FPC types

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With the continuous popularization and development of high-end miniaturized electronic products such as mobile phones and laptops, the demand for reliable FPC is increasing. The market trend of FPC has become the vane of entire electronics industry,thus FPC manufacturers are accelerating to develop in the direction of lighter weight, thinner thickness and higher density. For FPC, how many types there are? 

1.Single-sided FPC

The single-sided FPC is conductive pattern with a layer of chemical etching, to roll copper foil on the surface of the flexible insulating substrate.The Single-sided FPC can also be classified according to single or double-sided connections, with or without overlays. Among them, FPC with single-sided overlays are the most widely used ones, especially in electronic instruments and automotive electronics.

2.Double-sided FPC

The Double-sided FPC are separately with a layer of chemically etched conductive pattern on both sides of the insulating base film. Compared with single-sided FPC, there is not only more a layer of conductive pattern, but also the wiring density per unit area is increased. Generally, its double-sided pattern is connected with metallized hole to meet the flexibility design and various functions. In addition, its wire points out the position to place components is protected by the overlays.However, the metallized holes and overlays are optional. This type of FPC application is relatively less.

3.Multilayer FPC

Undoubtedly, multi-layer FPC are laminated with three or more layers of single or double-sided flexible circuits together. It does not require complicated soldering process, but instead forms a metallized hole by electroplating to allow conductive paths between different layers. Multi-layer FPC also can be further divided into: flexible insulating substrate products and soft insulating substrate products. Multilayer FPC are not only more reliable, but also with better thermal conductivity and convenient assembly. Its huge differences in function are evident.

Throughout the above introduction to the specific types of FPC, it is undeniable that every FPC has its own characteristics, advantages and applications. Therefore, customers need to choose reliable FPC manufacturer for purchasing according to their specific needs.