Latest Special PCB

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Latest Special PCB


12-layer board, all layers in the inner layer 4oz, outer layer 3oz, metal edging. Tg 170

12 layer board

12-layer board, inner layer 4oz and metal edging.

12 layers pcb

Survival process

Cutting1.jpgChemical&Physical Laborato.jpgInner Dry Film Imaging.jpgInner layer etch.jpg
laboratoryDry FilmInner Etching
Auto Drill Bit Sharpener.jpgDrilling (Auto Drilling machine).jpgPTH & Surface Copper Measu.jpgPanel plating.jpg
Auto Drill Bit SharpenerDrillingPTHPanel Plating
HASL Line (Lead and Lead.jpgENIG ThicknessSolder Mask.jpgAuto E-test Machine.jpg
HASL Lead FreeImmersion Gold
Solder MaskE-test
Routing.jpgFQC.jpgAOI Test.jpgInspection Machine.jpg
ProfileFQCAOI SacningInpection Machine
Final Audi.jpgpacking.jpg

Final AudiPacking