March 2018 Walking Tour

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March 2018 Walking Tour

I think this is the spring we want. Forever vibrant, always energetic. Every day is a beginning, every day is a starting point, do not worry about the distant future, do not miss a lot of small things. Spring is a piece of white paper, clean; spring should have a mood, simple


HOYOGO ushered in the first outdoor group event in 2018, taking into account the staff's physical and mental health and work pressure, so that employees can work together to better meet the unknown challenges and serve every customer who works with us. Communicate the status of the best work with the customer and insist on customer-oriented.


In the end, by the wishes of everyone, the excursion of Songshan Lake was officially opened on March 17th. With a happy, free and easy state, it entered the spring rhythm, looked at the beauty, and gazed at the crowds who walked in the walkway. Forget all the troubles, I think that moment is also the easiest time for everyone, talk to each other, talk about each other, tease each other, then forget about the stress and trouble caused by the work. May HOYOGO's every family be able to Everyone cares for every obstacle, works meticulously and earnestly, and sincerely faces every customer, solves customers' concerns, and thinks for customers.

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