Midsummer Congratulations

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Midsummer Congratulations

A big Mid-Autumn moon cake, I wish all the families a happy family, work as happy, Mid-Autumn Festival!


Bonus + Flower + Gift (the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival must eat moon cake + grapefruit + apple + mango, etc.) has everything.


The most interesting thing is our holiday dinner, there are more than 60 kinds of food, what do you want to eat. If you want to eat, come to HYG Ha, here every month there is such a gourmet dinner, the atmosphere of the happy atmosphere makes people happy.


For our dinner, my colleague picked a few French original bottles imported ST.Eugene organic red wine in the company's wine cabinet. In the drunkenness, my colleagues felt that they could feel the happiness work in the HYG team. Because HYG's business philosophy is to contribute to social harmony while pursuing the material and spiritual well-being of all employees. We work together on the road to realize the company's philosophy.