Outdoor Development

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Outdoor Development


Hoyogo Family, ready? Go!


On September 8, 2018, we finally ushered in our long-awaited collective two-day tour.Pengdao Pearl Ecological Park and Nan 'AO Xichong would be our destination with many activities to highly enhance our cohesion as well as being relaxed.


The biggest difference in this tour was that our company mascot Crane baby came together. See...it is on our culture T-shirt. Cute an friendly, our crane baby also represents our 99-year long-term prosperity.

As an efficient team with organizational discipline, we were divided into three groups to play PK game. The winning party would can enjoy the losing one to help them prepare the uncooked chicken and fish. So for honor, everyone raised high spirit to face challenge.    

The award was not rich but we enjoyed. Just like in PCB industry, we earn little money but much applause, we devolve ourselves but win trust from our clients years by years. In a happy game, we could further understand each other, and connect  heart more tightly.


Yeah, lunch cooking time...Some went for dishing cleaning, some for making a fire, others  couldn’t wait to show their amazing cooking.


   Wow, yummy yummy, we were the victory and now happy to enjoy our lunch fastest, ha-ha... We ate and talked in the family gathering. Our boss toasted to us for our effort on the job and life. Would you like to join us?

 Relaxing afternoon took us a different experience. Water bike, beach walking, red wine-sheep roast dinner, all full of the laughing of Hoyogo family.

On second day, the weather showed its cool. So we enjoyed a wonderful CS game together. Chase, target ect. Key points made us awake enough in the morning. Our little family dependents also spared no effort to catch the enemy.

After the airgun fortress battle, we came to the beach and sneaked into the cool sea water. Later we finish the real ACT.  It felt great!

Time past away quietly in every second, but memory will be kept in our mind for a long time...

Our team is keeping growing up and will try to be compared with the listed companies. We know problem out now and then, but the most important thing is how to improve and prevent. Providing solution will be always the key. We believe Hoyogo family will be known to all of us one day, as we only have a great  target “Hit your goal on PCB”. See you next time...