Pink Solder Mask PCB

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It is well known that solder mask plays a key role in the PCBs production. Just like people's clothes are thousands of styles, PCBs solder mask are also available in various colors, such as green, yellow, black, red, blue and white. Coupled with the difference in characteristics, it is important to optimize the solder mask and solder mask color. 

PCB Solder Mask

In general, the PCB manufacturer will determine the brand and specific model according to customer’s requirement, when reviewing the production files. For some special inks, they will allocate with help of physical picture even the color palette provided by the customer, to the greatest extent. As a well-known brand manufacturer in China's PCB industry, HOYOGO produced out a type of featured products -- pink solder mask PCB. The rare pink solder mask on the market is also relatively difficult to make. We are glad to tell you HOYOGO has broken through the technical difficulties and is fortunate to provide help and services for customers with such demand.

The following is a 6layer ENIG pink PCB produced by our company recently.

Pink Solder Mask PCB

Layer : 6L

Base Material : FR4

Board Thickness : 1.6mm

Surface Finished : ENIG

Min Hole Size : 0.2mm

Solder Mark : Pink 

In addition to fine configuration, the production and testing process of the pink solder mask is almost the same with that of ordinary ink.

As follows: 

1. Production process: ingredients blending - mixing - grinding - viscosity adjust - filter - inspect / testing - packaging

2. Inspection process: checking physical objects, package and boxes putting ---checking production date---checking odor---checking viscosity---screen printing---(air drying to degrease) checking process---seesaw, cooling, expose---measuring adhesion-testing solder resistance-testing hardness---(compared to color card) checking color

Of course, before shipping to customers, the board must undergo the test of industrial quality standards. The following is the quality inspection certificate of our company :

PCB Certificates