The Function of Impedance Board

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A good lamination mechanism can control the characteristic impedance of the PCB, and the routing can form an easy-to-control and predictable transmission line structure called impedance board. It has been paid more and more attention in the market. The reason why it can be recognized by the public is closely related to the excellent performance of the impedance board itself and the role of the PCB. So what are the significant effects of impedance boards? 

Impedance board

impedance strip

1. Solve the Problem of Not Being Durable

The PCB is a kind of configuration that has been used by electronic products for a long time. In order to make PCB have a long life, it must have long-term durability to ensure the normal operation of the product. Impedance board plays an important role in it. It controls the impedance of the board traces from the manufacturer's design of the circuit board, avoiding signal reflection and other electromagnetic interference as much as possible. It has the advantage of controllability to ensure the stability of the actual use of the PCB, thereby achieving the durability of the circuit board.

2. Solve the Problem of Mismatch

The reason why the impedance circuit board configuration will be invented, its essential significance is to make the running circuit board controlled under certain conditions through the physical principle, in order to ensure the stability of the operation. Moreover, there is an absolute relationship between the impedance value and the wiring mode. People need to determine the impedance value after wiring, and the characteristic impedance produced by different PCB manufacturers also has a slight difference. When wiring, people should try to avoid the occurrence of impedance discontinuity. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the relevant parameters of the boards of different products to manufacture the parts that match the running of the products.

3. Solve Different Construction Requirements of Different PCB

Products in different fields have different structures, this distinction makes the required parts have their own characteristics, so manufacturers will search for circuit boards to match their own products. As an impedance board which plays an impedance role on the AC in the circuit board, it will change with the type and parameters of the PCB.

Therefore, when we select the impedance board, we must consider the multiple dimensions, combined with the role of the impedance plate to select an impedance board suitable for their own production conditions. Whether in terms of product performance or economic point of view, impedance boards are the best choice for the required configuration of the circuit board.