The Difference Between FPC and Integrated Circuit

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  We usually need to use FPC on electronic products to reduce its size and develop the products in direction of high density and miniaturization.Including FPC,like the chips on the motherboard inside the CPU,integrated circuits are also small in size and light in weight. Then,what is the difference between them?

integrated circuit

  1: Structural difference

  Based on copper foil, FPC means the printed circuit board produced out with process like etching,hole conduction.Its surface treatment generally has HAL and ENIG, etc.However, the integrated circuit is a kind of tiny electronic device that can be used to interconnect the components with a certain process.

Flex PCB

  2: Characteristics difference

  FPC is a kind of high-density product that can effectively reduce the volume of electronic products. The combination between rigid and flex compensates for the insufficiency of component carrying capacity to a certain extent, making our current electronic products more and more lightweight. However, the integrated circuits are mainly for improving the density of electronic devices assembly, with low cost and convenient mass production.

PCB Assembly

  3: Application difference

  FPC is always being with our lives and can be applied in many fields. It is our commonly used circuit board and can be used as a carrier for chip soldering. But the integrated circuit is mainly the integration of chips.Without integrated circuit, the electronic products will not function properly.

Flex PCB

  From the above differences between FPC and integrated circuit, when you really understand its truth, you can purchase more clearly. If you still have questions or would like to purchase FPC products, you can send your request to the FPC factory mailbox: We will provide you with the appropriate recommendations for your reference to get the most suitable FPC for cost reduction.

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