The Importance of PCB Silk Screen

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With the development of technology, PCB quality requirements are becoming more stringent. As one of the control means, PCB silk screen information needs to be more clear.

PCB silk screen is a necessary process in the production. On solder mask layer white ink can be used to form various marks, symbols and characters. Common colors are white, yellow, black, etc. RCLQS is the common silkscreen mark, where "R" stands for resistance, "C" stands for capacitance, "RV" stands for adjustable resistance, "L" stands for left channel, "Q" stands for transistor, and "S" stands for wiring. Some manufacturers will choose to print their own LOGO on the PCB to represent their own brand.


In the quality control, the manufacturer will upload the data to the database through recognizing silk screen layer, then the unqualified products will be automatically deleted. It always can help complete the product quality trace of the entire internal process, and realize the whole process tracking from the supplier information to the product outbound data, maximizing the product quality, and effectively control product automation.

If the silk screen is not printed neatly, it will directly affect the overall appearance. If the PAD is damaged by offset, the quality will be affected. In order to prevent errors in soldering components, customers usually require silk screen text to clearly indicate the purpose of each PAD and hole, and the name of the component to facilitate production and prevent errors.


In addition to silk screen text, there are laser marking processes. As a high-tech means of marking processing, it has the advantage that traditional processing methods can’t match. Different from the traditional one, laser processing refers to the use of high energy density laser to locally irradiate the work piece, causing the surface material to vaporize or undergo a color changing chemical reaction, leaving a permanent mark. Furthermore, it can help reduce production costs, increase productivity, reduce pollution, and adapt to the development of multiple varieties.

Therefore, just like people’s ID information, silk screen plays an indispensable role in PCB manufacturing and quality control.

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