Tomb-Sweeping Day

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HOYOGO Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday notice

All employees of HOYOGO please pay attention:


      The Tomb-Sweeping Day Festival in 2018 is approaching. According to the national holidays holiday regulations, and taking into account the actual situation of the company, the company will make the following arrangements for the Tomb-Sweeping Day Festival holidays in 2018. Please refer to the staff for implementation:

1. Vacation time: 2018/4/5—2018/4/7 4/8  (Sunday) to work

2. Please pay attention to your baggage items during holidays and pay attention to your own life safety

3. Please ask the departments to arrange the details of the on-duty and on-duty personnel arrangements (including name, department, contact information, etc.) to be submitted to the company's HR department before work on the day before the holiday. Thank you!

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