What kind of products are the main applications of FPC prototype?

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China's Pearl River Delta region is the main production base for the electronics industry, and Shenzhen is a well-known regional representative. FPC prototype manufacturers in these areas are very professional.

FPC proofing

  FPC proofing is a proofing design process in order to confirm whether the circuit design and product production plan is feasible before mass production. Generally, the output is less. Then what kind of products are the main applications of FPC prototype?

FPC prototype

  First: Application in mobile phone products:

  The update speed of mobile phone products is very fast, with several new products per year, so that mobile phone products have become the main product type of FPC prototype. Before confirming the production of each mobile phone, the merchants need to first find affordable and professional FPC proofing factory, so as to achieve the reliability of the finished product.

mobile phone FPC

  Second: Application in computer products:

  In addition to mobile phones, computer products are also the main type of FPC proofing. In particular, the popularity of notebook computers continues to increase, and the manufacturers of notebook computers are increasing. FPC specifications on different types of computers are also very different, so proportion of FPC prototype currently used in computer products is also very high;

computer FPC

  Third: Application in digital cameras:

  Although digital cameras are now mostly replaced by mobile phone, professional digital cameras have been already the main equipment for photography. Due to the volume condition, there are different requirements for the size of FPC, so FPC prototype will often be used in the production of professional digital cameras.

  In summary, the current popular model on the market is the direct sale of FPC proofing factory. If there is any FPC proofing demand, you are welcomed to take the drawings and the materials you want to HOYOGO for face-to-face communication, or send the request to HOYOGO: sales@hygpcb.com. Based on your needs and the sample application field, we will make corresponding proofing suggestions for you reference.