Why are PCB board mostly green

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  For PCB boards, common PCB production colors are red, yellow, green, blue, and black colors. But green solder mask are most commonly used. So people may have this question: Why are green mostly used ? This depends on the PCB designer needs to make. And, since there are so many colors, why are most of PCBs still green solder mask?

PCB production

  As per Professional PCB manufacturer said:  Green solder mask is the most widely used and the longest in history. And it is also the cheapest in the current market. Usually, during the process of PCB production, there are several processes need to be done in the yellow light room, while the effect of green solder mask in the yellow light room is better than other colors. When soldering components in SMT, the PCB production need pass many process. These processes require optical positioning and calibration, where the green background color is better for instrument identification. Therefore, most PCB manufacturers choose green solder mask ink as the main color of their products.

Flex PCB

  What’s more, at present, due to manufacturing processes and the like, many quality inspection procedures must rely on the workers’ naked eye to observe and identify. When the eyes kept staring at the PCB board under strong light, and the process makes the workers exhausting, comparing to other colors, green is less damaged to the eyes. Therefore, most manufacturers currently use green solder mask PCB on the market.

High Density Interconnect PCB

  According to Professional PCB manufacturer feedback, blue and black solder mask are respectively blended with cobalt and carbon lamp elements, also they have certain electrical conductivity. Therefore, boards with these solder mask ink are likely to short circuit when it is energized, while The PCB production of green solder mask is relatively environmentally friendly, and generally does not release toxic gases when used in a high temperature environment.

High Temperature Adhesive PCB

  Around the middle and late stages of the last century, the industry has begun to pay attention to the color of PCB boards. Mainly because many high-end panels of the first-line PCB manufacturers have adopted the design of green solder mask, so green solder mask is widely accepted as the default color of the PCB.

Rigid flex PCB

  Based on the above reasons, we can know now why are PCB board mostly green.