Why FPC is widely used after the emergence of power batteries?

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With the increasing sales volume of new energy vehicles on the market, the production of power batteries also increases steadily.

power batteries

The power battery, which provides the power source, refers to the batteries that power the electric cars. It is with characteristics of small volume, light weight, high energy and high power. In addition, due to its large capacity, unavailable memory effect, high temperature resistance (-30 to 65), and long life (min 5-10 years), it can be recycled under the state of high-rate partial charge(HRPSOC).


Like every emerging product, there is also a bottleneck in the development of power batteries. Because the internal low-voltage collection harness of the battery is numerous and messy, and the space of the battery pack is limited, so it is difficult to complete the large-scale production artificially. However, for FPC there are many advantages such as high integration, automatic installation, high installation accuracy, ultra thin&soft capacity, lightweight, etc. It is especially suitable for products with complex wiring, high signal processing requirements, and special electrical or mechanical performance requirements. Therefore, in the case that the energy density of power battery demand is increasing urgently and lightweight is imperative, FPC, a new product that replaces the traditional low-voltage collection harness, has emerged and is widely used.


In the FPC industry, most of the demanding customers come from countries such as the United States and Canada. They are mainly PCB manufacturers, PCB assembly plants, and end customers. In order to meet the market demand in those regions even whole world, HOYOGO has started FPC production since 2014, with its latest monthly output up to 15,000 square meters. At the same time, after fully understand the challenge of China FPC industry is to strengthen its technological advantages and continue to develop high-end products with excellent capabilities, HOYOGO often participates in seminars organized by various organizations and actively contributes to the “Created in China”.