Who heard HOYOGO,Then join in us

 A new customer is looking for new PCB supplier and checking HOYOGO from our Germany customer Gerhard. Gerhard always talks frankly to me that he is really satisfied with us and enjoys our service and cooperati

Purchasing manager

Since 2013 we start cooperation together, up till now, we have worked together more than 4 years. As a purchasing manager, I have great pressure on cost from customer and company. HoYoGo can always solve our problem and give me surprise. We appreciate the cooperation. The contact is always stable and I can reach at any time, I like a partner working like this, with nice friendship more than a partnership. B.A.


I knew their marketing director Ms Cici Long since the year of 2009. I never thought we can keep such a good relationship not only because of business but also as a long-term friend. What I want to say with this long time cooperation, she or her company never let me down. I trust her, trust HoYoGo and trust their team. Currently we make every year 200% increased business to them. Especially after our visit to them...

G. Schreijaeck Head of Procurement

Our company in Germany is a global sourcing company?for electronic, especially high frequency. For me as purchasing manager it is very important that the quality, leadtime and contact will be very good. The HoYoGo company meets all our requirements which we need for our customers. They provide very professional reliable services in quality, time, price and very important for me by stay in contact.

Hi Linda

I send you price questions about Repeat orders and I get your quote within a few minutes. Amazing ...Amazing.... I just imagine you are sitting at breakfast and eating Jiaozi or Baozi and then my request comes in. But still I get a quick response. Amazing ... Amazing...