What are the Factors that Affect the PCB Prices?

Why are the prices of the same PCBs in different factories different, some are expensive, some are very cheap, some are moderately priced, what causes a variety of PCB price differences?


Gold finger surface treatment method in PCB

On the computer memory bank and the graphics card, we can see a row of golden conductive contacts, the surface of which is gold-plated and t...


How to Deal With Wastewater in PCB Production?

Inevitably, PCBs produce substances that are harmful to the environment during production. If the wastewater containing harmful substances i...


The Difference between PCB Dry Film and Wet Film

The dry film is a kind of high-molecular compound. It generates a polymerization reaction after being irradiated with ultraviolet rays to fo...


Classification of Rigid PCB Substrates

A high performance organic rigid PCB substrate, usually composed of dielectric layer(epoxy resin, fiberglass) and high purify conductor(copper foil).


The Materials composition of rigid PCB

The rigid PCB has alternating layers of different materials laminated together by heat and adhesive to form a single object. So what materials is it mainly composed of?


Market Prospects for PCB Proofing

In general, the development momentum of PCB proofing manufacturers in the future is very strong. Whether it is from the overall market deman...


What is PCB Proofing?

What is PCB proofing? It is not difficult to understand that PCB proofing refers to the trial production of the PCB before mass production. ...


Why are There Open Circuit and Short Circuit Problems on the PCB?

Why are there open circuit and short circuit problems on the PCB? How can we improve if we encounter such situations?


Folding Screen Phone and FPC

Nowadays, the continuous maturity of the folding screen phone has also driven the continuous development of the FPC industry chain. At the s...