Folding Screen Phone and FPC

Nowadays, the continuous maturity of the folding screen phone has also driven the continuous development of the FPC industry chain. At the s...


ENEPIG Process

ENEPIG technology is applied to the surface treatment of package substrates. In the ENEPIG process, by controlling the palladium on the nick...


How to Choose PCB Potting Adhesive?

How do we choose the potting adhesive in the process of preparing the PCB?


PCB Solder Mask Removal Method

If the test point, ground pad or even the component pins are accidentally stained with a solder mask, these are commonplace. However, it does not mean that these PCBs are definitely scrapped.


The Differences between of Aluminum PCB and Fiberglass Board

The aluminum PCB is a kind of metal-based copper-clad laminate with good heat dissipation function.Glass fiber board alias: Fiberglass board (FR-4). This is a common material for rigid PCBs.


PCB Copper Clad

Copper clad is an important part of PCB design. The so-called copper clad is to use the unused space on the PCB as the reference surface, and then fill it with solid copper.


The Working Principle of the PCB

PCB not only is an important electronic component, but also a provider of circuit connections. In our daily life, computers, mobile phones, refrigerators and other products have used the PCB.


How Does the PCB Dissipate Heat?

For electronic equipment, a certain amount of heat is generated during operation, which causes the internal temperature of the equipment to ...


Advantages of ceramic circuit boards

As the name implies, a ceramic PCB is a circuit board using ceramic as a substrate. The performance of ceramics is better than that of ordinary substrates.


The Advantages of Arbitrarily Interconnected HDI

As an important electronic connector and high-tech electronic synthesis product, arbitrarily interconnected HDI can be applied to almost all...