2 Layer FR4 CTI175 ENIG White


Base Materia:FR4 CTI175
     Board Thickness:0.3mmUnit Size:10x218mm
     W/S:11.8/7.9Copper OZ:52.9um
     Surface Finishing:ENIG ThicknessSolder Mask:White

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Quality requirements

1. The insulation layer between two copper foils or conductor layers should be at least two sheets of film, and the thickness after pressing should not be less than 3.5 mils to prevent the copper foil from directly pressing on the glass cloth to form too high dielectric constant. Lead to poor insulation and poor adhesion.

2. In order to enable the glue to fill the voids in the board, and not to cause excessive slippage or excessive expansion of the Z direction afterwards, the original thickness of the film should be at least twice as thick as the copper. Row. The outermost layer and the outermost layer must have at least 5mil to ensure good insulation.

3. The latitude and longitude directions of the thin substrate and the film cannot be mis-mixed. The warp and weft direction of the film must be correct. The number of sheets must be symmetrically up and down to balance the resulting stress.

4. Combination method: The inner layer and the film above the six layers are fixed by rivets to prevent the pressure from being pressed together. The length and depth of the rivets are required here, and the tightness of the rivets should be noted.

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