2 Layer FR4 HASL Lead Free

2 Layer FR4 HASL Lead Free


Base Material:FR4

       Board Thickness:0.8mm

Unit Size:52.06x160.85


Copper OZ:1OZ

       Surface Finish:HASL Lead Free

Solder Mask:Green

Products List

HOYOGO can support all your pcb requirements from simple single sided conventional FR4 pcbs  to complex exotic HDI requirements and PCB assembly.

  • Conventional FR4 1 to 56 layer

  • High TG and or heavy copper

  • High frequency exotic substrate

  • HDI

  • Gold finger

  • Hard gold plating

  • Flexible pcb

  • Rigid‐Flex pcb

  • IMS pcb (Aluminum, copper base/core)

  • Medical requirements ‐ ISO13485 certified suppliers

  • Automotive requirements – TS16949 certified suppliers

  • Standard and quick turn to 3 days available

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flex pcb_副本.png

pcb assembly_副本.png

rigid flex pcb.png

Meta pcb_副本.png


PCB components

Printed circuit boards are mainly composed of pads, vias, mounting holes, wires, components, connectors, fillers, electrical boundaries, etc. The main functions of each component are as follows:

1.Pads: Metal holes used to solder component pins.

2.Via: Metal hole used to connect component pins between layers.

3.Mounting hole: Used to fix the printed circuit board.

4.Conductor: An electrical network copper film used to connect component pins.

5.Connectors: Components used to connect between circuit boards.

6.Fill: The copper used for the ground network can effectively reduce the impedance.

7.Electrical Boundary: Used to determine the size of the circuit board. Components on all circuit boards must not exceed this boundary.


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