Layer:2           Unit Size:24.44X6.5mm

BaseMaterial:FR4     Panel Size:78.3X101mm

Boardthickness:0.446  Total Holes:594/SET

Minholesize:0.15mm    W/S:7.87/5.9

OutlineFinish:CNC     Copper OZ:1OZ

Surface Finishing:ENIG Thickness

Solder Mask:Green

Speicalreques:Green hardwood area,soft board yellow cover film, pay attention to hole tolerances

1.Flex & Rigid Flex board of advantages

Flex & Rigid Flex board of both the board with the characteristics of FPC and PCB features, therefore, it can be used for some products with special requirements, both a certain flexible area, but also a certain rigidity of the region, to save internal product space and reduce Finished product volume, improve product performance is of great help.

2.Flex & Rigid Flex board of the shortcomings

Flex & Rigid Flex board of plate production processes, production difficult, low yield, the material investment, manpower more, therefore, the price is more expensive, the production cycle is longer.

3.The combination of Flex & Rigid Flex board applications

The combination of Flex & Rigid Flex board determines its application areas covering all areas of FPC PCB applications such as: mobile phones, keyboards and side buttons, computers and LCD screens, motherboards and displays, CD players, drives , NOTEBOOK, etc., while the hard and soft with a new use of the board is the hard drive (HDD, hard disk drive)

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