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Advantages of ceramic circuit boards

2019/05/10 19:48:12

As the name implies, a ceramic PCB is a circuit board using ceramic as a substrate. The performance of ceramics is better than that of ordinary substrates. It is a circuit board prepared by using a thermally conductive ceramic powder and an organic binder at a temperature lower than 250 °C, and its thermal conductivity is 9-20 W / m.k. Ceramic circuit boards are widely used in the manufacture of the electronics industry. Due to their advantages of good thermal conductivity, high voltage resistance, and stable chemical properties, ceramic circuit boards have become an important component in the manufacture and manufacture of electronic products.


Ceramic PCB


Thermal conductivity refers to the ability of a substrate to transfer heat energy. The higher the conductivity, the better the thermal conductivity. So heat energy can be effectively transferred to the heat dissipation system, which reduces the temperature of the product and extends the life of the product. Since the main material of the ceramic PCB is ceramic, and the ceramic itself has a very high thermal conductivity, the use effect of the ceramic PCB can be remarkably improved.



Ceramic is a kind of material with high mechanical strength. The ceramic PCB made of the main material also inherits the mechanical strength. Therefore, the ceramic PCB can not only carry various components better, but also support the use of other components. Also because of its good processing properties, it is possible to achieve multi-layering of circuit boards according to user requirements during production.



Ceramic is an insulating material that can effectively insulate electrical resistance and withstand high voltage. Therefore, after applying ceramic circuit boards to various electronic products, it can better exert its insulation advantages.. Moreover, ceramic circuit boards have a low dielectric constant, so they can maintain good stability in high temperature and high humidity environment, which makes the operation of electronic products more safe and reliable.



As technology continues to innovate, new electronic products are becoming more and more, and circuit boards have always been an integral part. Today's electronic products have higher and higher performance requirements for circuit boards, and ordinary circuit boards can no longer meet current technical requirements. Therefore, the use of ceramic circuit boards can not only meet the status quo, but also bring its powerful functionality, and the safety performance of the products is also more guaranteed.


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