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  • Are you a manufacturer (Factory) or trading company?
  • HoYoGo is a manufacturer with a mass production of 500000 sqm factory and a medium-size production for small-medium volume. Our UL No. is E493066.

  • Do you have a price list?
  • PCB is customized product; all prices will depend on customer actual gerber data and qty request, it will be difficult to provide it.

  • What’s your standard delivery time?
  • Our standard delivery time will be 2weeks for 2L, 3weeks for multilayer according to production volume and customer request.

  • Do you have quick-turn service for prototype?
  • Yes. HoYoGo offers quick-turn service for prototype. Delivery time: 3~7wds according to PCB layer count and layout.

  • Can you offer me better payment term (OA 30/45/60 DAYS)?
  • It depends on customer credit and their company finance. In general, we suggest start with prepayment for some testing order to get credit record. OA term can be released step by step according to cooperation situation.

  • What’s your quality standard? What’s certificates do you have?
  • Our production is strictly following high quality system of automotive products, we certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 and TS16949 and C-UL-S. All products strictly follow acceptance standard IPC-A-600-H and IPC-6012.

  • Will you take charge of the cost in case of a claim for defected PCB or assembled PCB (PCBA)?
  • HoYoGo has strict quality system and standard for our outgoing PCBs and responsible for them after service. In case there is claim, we will give quick response in 30minutes. If it’s our PCB’s defect after analysis, we will give solution and pay all the related cost.

  • What’s kind of PCB can you produce?
  • Our production is producing rigid PCB from 2~56layer with small- medium- mass volume. In the meantime, we can offer you FPC, Rigid-flex, HDI, all other special PCBs from our partner production.

  • What’s your most advantage of your supply?
  • @Standard mass production (>50sqm) from 1~8layer can be with very good price.
    @ Mass production (>50sqm) of CEM-1, Alu material can be with very good price.
    @ Special: we can produce long board up to 550x1500mm, thin board of min 0.15mm.

  • Can you update a WIP to us every day?
  • Yes, no problem. We can update it to you every day or every couple of days depends on customer request.

  • Can you offer DAP … term?
  • DAP is the old DDU from intercoms 2000. So we will follow this as Delivery Duty Unpaid.

  • Can you offer FOB HK?
  • We have truck to HONGKONG every day. It will request MOV per shipment due to the local charge. Or we can shift with FOB and FCA according to order value.

  • Do you offer DDP service in your company?
  • Yes, if necessary, we can offer you this service.

  • Can you offer the third-party service, to make shipment direct to end customer but without documents (invoice)?
  • Yes, from our carrier partners, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, we have signed this service. And our forwarder by air or sea shipment can support this too.

  • Do you have UL certificate, do you have Canada UL?
  • Yes, we do have UL certificate and Canada UL.

  • Can you provide some special material, like Rogers DuPont?
  • Yes. We can offer Rogers material, the specific type shall to be confirmed.
  • We can also offer Dupont material, we cooperate with Agent China.

  • What’s your main material type?
  • KB, SY, NY, ITEQ, TUC, Ventec, etc.

  • Do you have Hongkong office? Why when we order to you, the address needs to be Shenzhen.
  • YES, our registering and accounting address is Hongkong. But for the official business, we will handle in Shenzhen.

  • What kind of board can you offer? How about the layer count and base material?
  • HoYoGo can offer board of HDI, gold finger, hard gold, flexible, rigid-flex, metal base, quick-turn around and PCBA. The layer is normally from 1 to 28layer. The base material also depends on the requirement, it can be KB or shengyi, etc.

  • Can we pay by paypal?
  • YES. you can pay to below account:paypal.me/hoyogo? Account: anandal@hygpcb.com

  • Can we make L/C payment?
  • Yes. HoYoGo can support L/C term if request.

  • Can you produce board of gold finger?
  • Yes. HoYoGo can offer you gold finger, Au thickness can be suggested standard 30u” or per customer request.

  • Can you produce hard gold PCB? How about the thickness?
  • Yes. HoYoGo can offer hard gold. The max thickness will be 120u”. The actual thickness depends on customer request.

  • If your lead time for small volume can be 3-5wds?
  • YES. HoYoGo can offer quick-turn service, we can produce single-sided and double sided within 3~5wds.

  • Is there UL certificate for your flexible board?
  • YES. We can offer UL certificate of FPC.
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