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HoYoGo May Birthday Party

2019/06/05 12:28:51

The sun is golden, the moon is silver, and their birthday is colored. The birthday party in May was held in June, and wish it will be a good start for us in June.

Birthday Party

At the beginning, Ms. Dai said: Zhengfei Ren, the boss of Huawei, once said a word "power out a hole, benefit out a hole" A true team is where all members focus on a common goal, and they work actively even if without asking for and supervising, everyone is responsible and passionate. Before we enjoyed the food, Yumi and Anandal conveyed the spirit of enterprise and thought.

Ms. Dai

Yumi spoke:

The company's encouragement for employees—performance award, is being continuously optimized. We are a team, we must supervise each other, help each other, and achieve each other. Team members must be complementary, and service is the core content of team building. All of us are bound together for good or ill, and must rely on the strength of partners to grow and develop. Just like our system philosophy: Treat each other with sincerity, help each other, do not oppose each other, live in harmony, and work together to create a better future. So each of us has to do our best on job. Pursue our happiness on work or life and spiritual improvement. Every month, according the articles I shared, HOYOGO family members will write down their experience, helping them develop the habit of summarizing, analyzing, reviewing, reflecting on themselves, and expressing their opinions, to think and make progress together.


After Yumi s speech, Mr. Liu spoke:

The construction of a good team needs to start with every little detail to make the team more perfect and mature. It must have: open communication, mutual trust, relevant skills, and appropriate leadership. Everyones good deeds will be rewarded. It is very important for everyone to be correct in their minds, whether they are Communists, whether they believe in various religions or not, or have no faith. Just like the positive energy that President jinping Xi said, people who are positive will have good results. Whenever we have a good mentality, a good faith, and a correct attitude, we will get good results. A bright future needs everyone to create together.

Mr. Liu

The next step was to reward people who meet performance standards:

For excellent employees, we encourage them and reward performance, increase everyone enthusiasm for work, discover their value and enhance value. When people work hard in right way, they will get good return. Let excellence and hard work become our pursuit and habit.


This birthday party made us feel the rich and strong corporate culture of HOYOGO. Everyone's cohesive force and coordination ability can be sublimated in thought. After the reward schedule,everyone enjoyed the food party, lighted candles, ate birthday cake, and gave the best wishes to the birthday stars. 

Birthday stars

Happy birthday to them, wish them all the best and their career be flourishing,! HOYOGO is going forward with them.

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