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The Advantages of Arbitrarily Interconnected HDI

2019/05/07 13:51:10

As an important electronic connector and high-tech electronic synthesis product, arbitrarily interconnected HDI can be applied to almost all electronic products, especially in mobile phones or digital products, and it has stable performance, fast signal transmission and high performance. Arbitrarily interconnected HDI plays a key role in these fields, so it is highly sought after by users in various fields in the market. Next, let's analyze its advantages.




The advantages of arbitrarily interconnected HDI are mainly reflected in the following three aspects:



1. Signal Transmission Speed

Arbitrarily interconnected HDI is a circuit component product that runs stably and has a fast signal transmission speed. Since the contact distance of the integrated circuit component is reduced, the speed of the entire signal transmission is higher. Moreover, the shortening of the length of the accessories between the points can also achieve the fast transmission of the signal, so that the overall running speed of the circuit board can be improved.


Communication PCB


2. Small Size

Traditional circuit boards are relatively large in size and have limitations in the installation of many small electronic products. Arbitrarily interconnected HDI uses high-density integration technology to make the overall board smaller, it can meet a variety of different electronic performance and efficiency standards. Therefore, the advantages of small size can not only be used in computer products, but also widely used in electronic products such as mobile phones and digital.


Edge Plating HDI


3. Reduce Cost

Arbitrarily interconnected HDI is synthesized through various density boards during the manufacturing process,, which is relatively more material-saving and labor-saving. Especially the more complicated pressing process, the cost is lower. It is low in cost and can play a higher performance, so it is not surprising that it is highly sought after by users in various fields.


Arbitrarily Interconnected HDI


Throughout the above,  the stable operation of Arbitrarily interconnected HDI and the improvement of functions, coupled with the reduction of cost, can be regarded as the leader in contemporary high-tech products. Of course, when we purchase arbitrarily interconnected HDI, we must also determine our own needs and find a reliable HDI factory for procurement. In order to ensure the quality and use of the later products.

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