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The Differences Between HDI PCB and Ordinary PCB

2019/04/26 20:27:39

Nowaday, HDI PCB plays an important role in various electronic products. Compared with ordinary PCB, HDI is not only more scientific and resonable in pressing process, but also reduce the cost. Moreover, it is more scientific in connection than the ordinary PCB, the performance is more reliable, and the circuit density is increased, which is more conducive to use in various electronic product assembly technologies.


Blind and Buried Vias HDI


1. Difference in Circuit Density

The connection between the ordinary PCB and the part is made by the through-hole conductor, so the circuit needs to occupy a lot of space. HDI PCB uses the micropore technology to hide the wiring required for the interconnection to the next layer. Different layer of pads and leads can be directly connected through blind vias, which can increase the density between the circuit boards, so it can be more suitable for small moblile phones.


8 Layers HDI PCB


2. Difference in Construction Technology

Ordinary PCB use drilling techniques for construction. Because the solder pad through hole and mechanical drilling do not meet the needs of small parts on the circuit of modern electronic products. The HDI PCB process technology using micropore technology can design various new high-density IC construction technologies in the circuit board, so it is more advanced and scientific than the ordinary PCB in the construction technology.


communication pcb


3. Difference Between Electrical Performance and Signal

   The HDI PCB use micropore interconnects for series connection between circuits, so the anti-interference performance is good, and the circuit board design can add more space. Since the physical structure of the micropores is small and short, the effects of inductance and capacitance can be reduced, and the exchange noise during signal transmission can be reduced to make the signal transmission more accurate.


Edge Plating


In summary, we talked the main differences between HDI PCB and the original PCB. In addition to these differences, some HDI PCB have good thermal properties, resistance to radio frequency and static interference compared to ordinary PCBs. Therefore, they not only have superior performance in use, but also have a lower incidence of damage than ordinary PCBs and have a longer service life.


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