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Customer visit 2018

After the end of the SMT show, we came to the largest PCB factory in Europe. We used to contact online, this is the first time we communicated with our customers. Ms Yu represents HYG to understand the technical characteristics of European customers and the specific needs of their customers.


              After the customer's warm reception, we went directly to the factory to visit. Because we can't shoot, we regret that there are no photos. After that, we went directly to the client company and discussed the details of the 10 million contract in detail. Of course, this is the biggest thing we have here. We have conducted in-depth discussions with customers on a series of processes such as PCB quality, survival technology, survival, and after-sales service. Our company has its own survival factory, triple technology control, and efficient response to mail processing within 24 hours. These are the foundations for customers to value us and trust us.


               After several hours of discussion, the customer is very satisfied regardless of the PCB technology control or PCB production. Thanks to the customers for letting us develop together, and the trust of customers, HYG has always been the one in knowing and doing, and will visit new and old customers every year. We have always been serious about producing PCBs, and we are determined to become the most ideal PCB supplier in China.

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