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Crane Baby's expression: the meaning for “the left eye closed, while the right one open”

  • Left eye closed, represents self-reflection

Peter Baller said: "It's easy to see through others while difficult to you." The reason why a person can make continuous progress is that he can constantly reflect on himself, find his own weaknesses or what he did badly, and then keep correct, to pursue the perfect attitude for work, so as to achieve success after another. It is the same with a company. Just as the representative of Chinese Kung Fu, "Bruce Lee", from martial-arts beginner to the Kung Fu superstar afterwards, he continuously studies every detail, reflects and improves, finally acquires future success.

  • Right eye open, represents seeing the world and collecting wisdom.

"Heiner rivers, with great capacity", means to be as broad as the sea which can accommodate countless rivers, with broad-minded to accommodate and integration for forming extraordinary aura. Adhering to the traditional Chinese culture, Hoyogo faces to world openheartedly and learns widely from others' strong points. Just as "Bruce Lee" absorbs different martial arts expertise, including the boxing from worldwide, to form his own original "Jeet Kune Do."

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