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4L FR4 1.6mm Unit size: 371 x 240 HASL Lead Free

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4L FR4 1.6mm Unit size: 371 x 240 HASL Lead Free
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[Product details]

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Base MaterialFR4

Board Thickness:1.6mm

Unit Size371 x 240 mm

Min hole size:0.3mm

Panel Size:371 x 250 mm

Total Holes:1688

Copper OZ 2OZ


Min Hole Copper Thickness:20um

Surface Finishing:HASL Lead Free

Solder Mask:Red


1, 1-16 layers of difficult production, HDl, buried / blind hole, high frequency board, high TG thick copper, aluminum plate, soft board and soft silver combined board and other circuit boards

2, single board, FR4 single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer board, single-sided double-sided aluminum, single-sided FPC, high-frequency board, etc.

3, Surface Finishing process: HASL Lead Free,HASL Lead,ENIG Thickness,Immersion Silver,OSP,Immersion Tin,Pressfit hole,Edge plating, Gold finger,Carbon Ink,Peelable mask,Punching,Depth milling etc.

4, proofing, copy board, large-scale production, multi-layer spray tin board proofing rush, mass production, 24 hours proofing, open mold timely.

[Proofing production time]

1, HASL Lead proofing: 1 day (fast 24 hours), multi-layer HASL Lead 2 days (fast 48 hours), 4/6 Layer HASL Lead: 3 days (expedited 72 hours) eight Layer HASL Lead: 4 days (expressed 96 hours)

2, small batch: 5-7 days, depending on the amount, multi-layer HASL Lead about 8 days

3, large quantities: 7-8 days, multi-layer HASL Lead 10-12 days


HOYOGO Company's products are widely used in computer communications, home appliances, optoelectronics, positioning systems, medical equipment, video communications, instrumentation, automotive panels, etc.

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[PCB ink FAQ]

1. Ink uneven

The surface ink cannot be evenly attached to the dots or the white dots of the ink (can't print)

Residues (pre-clean)

2. Large copper surface vacuoles

(1) Separation of ink and copper surfaces in full ink coverage on large copper surfaces

(2) Separation of ink and copper surfaces in the full coverage area of large copper or circuit surface corner inks

3. Plug holes

(1) Overflow of ink after exposure

(2) Overflow of ink after post baking

(3) ink overflow after spraying tin

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UL Certification

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